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Hey guys

I'm so bad at all kinds of social media, but I keep trying so maybe one day I'll get good at it.

I don't mean to come off as aloof or anything, but it's sometimes hard to think of stufff to say you know?
there's a lot of people online saying things and most of them are better at it than me. and sometimes I don't have the energy to be smart or interesting or funny or cute or anything. And I just wanna post my drawings and leave.

I hope that's ok. And I'll try to at least reply when you leave comments ! 

thanks to everyone sticking with me
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yeah, I'm back here.
And I'm sorry to anyone who has followed me on Tumblr a while, because there's gonna be some re-uploads here of some stuff I've got there. Just to fill out my gallery and have it up-to-date.
I just felt weird about posting new things and having a gap of like three years in my gallery.
I'll try to do it in chunks of a few images per day, so check in a few weeks from now for new stuff I guess, haha. Sorry. 

Anyway. I'm looking forward to perhaps interracting a bit with y'all and just maybe talk more about my art?? I like to keep it short usually, but idk, I used to be more ok with writing stuff on here than I am on Tumblr and maybe I'll still feel that way.

Ok, laters, I gotta work now! 
These past three years I've only been posting stuff on my Tumblr (hannakdraws.tumblr) and my twitter (HannaKTweet
so check out those links

But I'm thinking about getting back to dA too. It's so much easier to reply to comments and questions on here, and I miss being able to interract a bit.
we'll see, if there's time. 
What is it with things and never getting done?
I don't know.... but I don't like it.
I've been avoiding doing A LOT of stuff now for weeks (months), and it's such a slow process getting back in the game. Don't ever slack out guys!
Things just WILL NOT GET DONE! I stare at them for hours, and they just "meeeh we're not going anywhere"



I've got a twitter now! And I need friends! here it is!
please (moderately) stalk me, pretty pretty please

also don't forget my tumblr if you're into that: HannaKDraws
(It's pretty much the same as here though)
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I'm a Tumblin now!

I still feel like an old lady trying to learn how to skateboard, (and refering to skateboarding as something young and hip is another old lady-sign) but I think I'll manage.

The adress is:

please check it out <3 It will be the first place I'll post stuff (from now on) and I'll post sketches when they're steaming fresh and not in sketchdumps.

Right now I'm working sorta almost kinda hard on making comics and stuff - that'll have to be done well before 26 april...! Phew!

Live long and awesome and go make some art
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So I took a brake from my "get back to dA"-thing.
But I'll try to upload more here from now on.

I'm also trying to figure out this whole "twitter" and "tumblr" thing (and if I'd like to be a part of any of it) so if anyone would like to - feel free to tell me stuff about it!



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  • Watching: nothing - THANK GOD!
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I have no idea what to write here just now.

I am currently working hard (no, not really, I'm playing video games) at making blogs and picking up my creativeness again.
I probably won't be uploading ALL that much this week, because I'll be busy organizing myself here on the internetz.
But I wanted to say "Hi"
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